Letter to the Editor

Greetings bro Leslie from the US
Hope you are doing well.
I have read in Unmasking Sophistry the article: The Deity of Christ: Refuting Some False Arguments and watched the YouTubes with the other two brothers and the other articles and they are very scriptural and well written. Back in August when I was listening to the replay of one of their Zoom lessons on the Father and son, I was knocked off my feet when I heard bro Henry state that Jesus was created with a beginning with Bro Frias backing him up which I knew this was unscriptural, and being in the Church over 50 years, I have never heard a Church of Christ minister ever advocate that Christ the Son of God is a creation or a creature, and that has perplexed my spirit ever since.
I had to leave a congregation long ago, which died out when the preacher got unscriptural like this and when us members tried to correct him with the scriptures, and he would not repent, so I see the same pattern especially with Bro Henry, something is going on with him, they have forgotten who redeemed us from our sins and it is not anything or anyone created, and the dangerous thing, not only is this brother a preacher, but an elder, so that congregation is not fed right.

I have heard them slander you on the same April radio program, call you a blasphemer, as well as the rest of us for not going along with them,  and accuse you of accepting money, reading other men’s books, – regardless this doesn’t matter to the subject. You are trying to correct them with the scripture, and they don’t want to be corrected, and they won’t so much as publicly debate you or anyone else that is trying to challenge them, and a lot of us have been trying to get them to debate this publicly.
They keep hiding behind their microphones, and Zoom classes, which I do not participate with them anymore, for they know they don’t have any ground to stand on, and they will be in trouble on the judgement day when they and us will face that same Jesus that they say was created, so they must repent of this, and we are praying on their behalf.

These brothers keep twisting
Psalm 82:6, John 1:1-3 and II Corinthians 4:3-4, Hebrews 1, and Rev 1:5, which I can’t figure out what they mean, and when I am reading the terms:
“my Father is greater,”
“Father and Son relationship in heaven,”
“Jesus is the beginning of the creation,”
“Jesus is the firstborn,”
“from the bosom of the Father”
“the image of the Father”
“made, make, brought forth,” I do not ever read, see or interpret create, creation, or deity Spirit with a beginning somewhere in eternity anywhere in these biblical terms. Even a small child would understand this.

I did accuse them of preaching Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine, and somehow they deny it and run in another direction, which shows me they are deceived and won’t renounce this doctrine, which shows they need to be exposed. These brothers are deceived and are misleading the weaker saints that are not strong in their Bible knowledge.

I have been warning the saints I know about these brothers, and have discussed this with one of the elders at our congregation to warn them, so keep defending the truth as well as the brothers you work with to expose this false teaching before this spreads further to the brotherhood.
When I sit at the Lord’s table to eat and drink the elements, I am remembering the eternal one that came down to redeem us from our sins, not a creature (Romans 1:23).
I have actually asked them who you are remembering at the Lord’s table every Sunday and I get a beat around bush type of answer. So right now, I don’t consider myself to be in fellowship with them until they repent, and I am done with them, and if they call us blasphemers for not going along with them, so be it. God will have the last say at the judgement. It has been almost a year now since they have been preaching this. These men has to be marked (Romans 16:17; 2 John 1:10), so you and the other brothers out there keep exposing these false teachers.
Encouragement to you and love in Christ.

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