Debates/Other Publications

This section contains various religious debates that have been conducted in the past. Over the years I have become a lover of debate books. This is because truth shines brighter when plainly contrasted with error. Reading these debates has helped to give me the boldness all preachers need in presenting the gospel of Christ. Having engaged in a few debates myself, I take joy in preaching the gospel to the lost and shutting the mouths of false teachers. Feel free to read and share with others.

  1. Asaolu – Egharevba Debate on what must be uttered by the baptizer during baptism – published in Unmasking Sophistry
  2. Asaolu – Egharevba Debate on what must be uttered by the baptizer during baptism – Original Articles
  3. Erimu/Akpobome – Egharevba Discussion on Public Questions In The Church
  4. Warren – Ballard Debate on the Necessity of Baptism
  5. Porter – Bogard Debate On Which Church Is The True Church
  6. Thrasher – Barr Debate on the Missionary Baptist Church and the church of Christ
  7. Thrasher-Forsythe Debate on the New Testament Church
  8. Thrasher-Donahue Discussion On Whether People Can Commit The Sin Of The Holy Spirit Today
  9. Guingrich-Thrasher Debate on Salvation
  10. Smith-Bogard Debate on the establishment of the church and TULIP
  11. Hardeman-Bogard Debate on the necessity of baptism, apostasy, church, and Holy Spirit
  12. Sutton-Woods Debate on Institutionalism
  13. Harper-Tant Debate on Church Cooperation
  14. Bogard-McPherson Debate on Miraculous Divine Healing
  15. Borden-Bogard Debate on the necessity of baptism, apostasy, church and Holy Spirit
  16. Wallace-Vaughn Debate on baptism only in the name of Jesus and the number of Persons in the Godhead
  17. Thrasher-Welch Debate on the baptismal Formula
  18. Otey-Briney Debate on Instrumental Music
  19. Garrett-Thrasher Debate on the Great Commission
  20. Alpha-Omega Debate On Freemasonry
  21. Hutcheson-Hutto Debate on the Head Covering of I Corinthians 11:2-16
  22. Falls-Welch Debate on the Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11
  23. Clubb-Boles Debate on Instrumental Music
  24. Madrigal-Mayo Debate on the Plan of Salvation
  25. Potter-Dugger Debate on whether to keep the Sabbath
  26. Porter-McCay Debate on the Communion Cup
  27. Thrasher-Colman Debate on the Lord’s Supper
  28. Thrasher-Davis Debate on whether everyone will be eternally saved
  29. Thrasher-Garrett Debate on Unconditional Salvation and Apostasy
  30. Thrasher-Green Debate on the Christian as a punitive agent of the Civil government
  31. Thrasher-Martignoni Debate on whether Peter was the first Pope
  32. Thrasher-Maxey Debate on Eternal Punishment
  33. Thrasher-Mayo Debate on the impossibility of apostasy
  34. Thrasher-Waters Debate on Divorce and Remarriage
  35. Warnock-Williams Debate on Weddings and Funerals in the Meetinghouse
  36. Book-Miller Debate on Institutionalism
  37. Boles-Boll Debate on Prophetic Themes
  38. Jackson-Smith Debate on the plan of Salvation
  39. Landon – Sharp Debate on whether believers are found in denominations
  40. Nichols-Weaver Debate on Holy Spirit, miracles, salvation, etc.
  41. Porter-Myers Debate on whether Alexander Campbell started the church of Christ
  42. Wallace-Barber Debate on Instrumental Music in worship
  43. Smith-Tant Debate on Alexander Campbell’s Baptism
  44. Cotham-John Debate on Miracles Today
  45. Cotham-Hartley Debate on Miraculous Divine Healing Today
  46. Bagby-Trice Discussion on the Design and Action of Baptism
  47. Bales-Teller Debate on the Existence of God
  48. Brewer-Spence Debate on the Immortality of the Soul
  49. Campbell-Purcell Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion
  50. Carpenter-Hughes Debate on the Destiny of the Wicked
  51. Ketcherside-Porter Debate on Orphan Homes and Bible Colleges
  52. Warren-Faqua Debate on whether unbelievers are amendable to God’s law on Marriage Divorce and Remarriage
  53. Hogland-Kesner Debate on the plan of Salvation
  54. Warlick-Phillips Debate on the Sunday School Question
  55. Stark-Warlick Debate on the Instrumental Music
  56. Donahue-Thrasher Exchange on Eternal Life As A Present Possession

Other Writings/Publications

  1. The Deity of Christ: Refuting Some False Arguments (Part 2) By Osamagbe Lesley Egharevba
  2. The Deity of Christ: Refuting Some False Arguments (Part 1) By Osamagbe Lesley Egharevba
  3. Dissolving A Few Oneness Pentecostal Aspirins (Part 2) – Response to Jason Weatherly by Osamagbe Lesley Egharevba
  4. Dissolving a Few Oneness Pentecostal Aspirin by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  5. Matthew 28:19 and the Triune God: Third Rebuttal to O.S. Asaolu by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  6. Matthew 28:19 and the Triune God: Second Rebuttal to O.S. Asaolu by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  7. Matthew 28:19 and the Triune God: A Response to O.S. Asaolu by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  8. The Way Of Man – Gospel Lectureship at the church of Christ, Mile 12½ Lagos, Nigeria (2022)
  9. Complacency by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  10. The Role of the Church to the Convert after Baptism by Osamagbe Lesley EGHAREVBA

  11. Proper Use and Abuse of the Pulpit – by Osamagbe Lesley Egharevba

  12. Reason Magazine – Volume 1, No. 3, 2021
  13. The Silence of the Scriptures – by Osamagbe Lesley Egharevba
  14. You Should Know The One True Church As It Is Revealed In The Bible – By Ezekiel Akinyemi
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