Should Christians Imitate the Pentecostal Mass Prayer?

Question: We have a problem with some Christians imitating the Pentecostal’s mass prayers where many people pray out aloud at once. I need your help with the Bible refutation. Answer: People tend to gravitate to things that are exciting and novel. A large noisy party is exciting. A lectureship in comparison is dry. Yet, in

What Is the Proper Way to Refer to a Preacher?

Question: My denominational friends refer to their preacher as “Pastor” or “Reverend.” What is the proper way to address the preacher, or how do you refer to him as you speak of him to others? Answer: For me, it is easy to answer what I call the preacher who preaches for our congregation. He is

Why Not Tear Off The Old Testament?

Question: Why do churches of Christ follow only the teachings of the New Testament? Is it that they do not believe in the Old Testament? Shouldn’t they tear out the Old Testament from their Bibles if it is completely irrelevant? Why should they still read it? Answer: Churches of Christ believe in the Old Testament.

Can you explain I John 5:16?

Question Afternoon bro Lesley. Hopefully you are doing well today. Please what is your take on 1 John 5:16? I want a good explanation on the asking if a brother commits sin. Is the asking from the brother or asking in prayer for him who saw him committing the sin? Or is the asking applicable both

In What Name Should We Baptize?

Question In Matthew 28:19, Jesus said that baptism should be done in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Since it is to be done in the name (singular) and not names (as in plural), what is the name of the Father and of the Son, and of

Should we pray to cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus?

Question: Is it OK, while we pray, to cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus? For example, we cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus for protection. Do you remember the Passover when a lamb’s blood was used for protection against death? In that same way, better blood that speaks more than that of a